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March 24, 2015

Uriah Heep – Our First Gig in Ages

So we got to play with the mighty Uriah Heep last Thursday and it was fun as hell. It was also the first gig with our new drummer Nathan McMahon and he killed it.


Uriah Heep Band Shot

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November 15, 2014

iTunes, JB, Everywhere

Hey guys,

We’ve welcomed the sexy beast, Nathan McMahon into our fold and we’ve also seen our album released on iTunes, JB Hifi and Spotify etc.!


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August 19, 2014

Nebulae out TODAY!

It was with pure joy that we bring to you our new baby, ‘Nebulae’.


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August 17, 2014

Hemina’s Album Drops This Tuesday

This Tuesday 19 August 2014 is the lucky day, preorder/buy from these addresses!


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June 27, 2014

Hemina’s First Music Video

So here it is, ‘Freedom’; our first music video and first single off our new album ‘Nebulae’. We would like to thank Adam Underwood, Andrew Craig, Trent Mulligan, Shane Ian Leadbeater, Luke Mickan and Reece Denton for lending their faces to be desecrated.
Our album is out on Bird’s Robe Records on 19 August 2014 so make sure that you preorder it if you like what you hear, and before this gets tl;dr core, we hope you enjoy every gyration, thrust, interrogation and probe from the bottom (lol) of our hearts.

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June 22, 2014

Preorder the Album – It’s Finally Coming!

Australian progressive metal outfit HEMINA have partnered with Sydney-based label Bird’s Robe Records for the release of their second album.
With a worldwide fan base and their strongest material to date captured on record, the band will bring their music to a broader audience with the release of ‘Nebulae.’
Featuring their trademark vocal harmonies, intricate and powerful guitar-playing and heavy rhythm sound, the album captures their best songwriting and production to date.
Hemina vocalist, Douglas Skene, released a brief statement earlier today:

“It’s been such a long time coming and there has been so much going on behind the scenes trying to make this release right that it feels like such a release to be able to share it with you. We’d been working on the album since the end of 2012 as we felt we had to follow up ‘Synthetic’ with something a little more direct and immediate. We’re all very prolific writers and some of you may recall reading that was we had written an album called ‘Venus’, this is indeed true and is awaiting the time to be recorded in the way to do its concept and vision justice but that is a different story.

We are now here with ‘Nebulae’, our new baby. We worked with brilliant Australian artist Tristan Tait to create what we see as classic progressive ideals brought forth into the modern world and we couldn’t be happier with what he was able to do. The album centers around lucid dreaming and the quest for transcendence (whatever that may mean to you) and is something of a prequel arc to the existing Heminal lyrical world. Things aren’t as strictly narrative this time and this dreamlike space fantasia that we seem to be obsessed with has worked so well together with the album’s dynamic curve. We took things into our own hands with nearly everything this time and I think it has made all the elements of this record stronger than what we’ve achieved in the past as we were in the driver’s seat the whole time. This album is no doubt a different sound for Hemina but I think it’s us at our best on all fronts; the production is better, the playing is better, the songs are definitely better – it is more us. It’s 2 months now till it’s out and I look forward to the day that our supportive fans can load up the CD or their iPod’s and share this journey with us.

I also could not be happier with the choice for us to do the predominate majority of the release through Bird’s Robe Records, who has served my other band Anubis very well with generous passion for their artists’ music and astute attention paid to their artists’ needs and strengths. I look forward to seeing where this new chapter leads us. We are in the company of champions such as Voyager, Toehider and sleepmakeswaves.

We also have a song from ‘Nebulae’ which is available for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp – It’s called ‘Freedom’. It’s something of a progressive call-to-arms if you will. We hope you enjoy it and keep your eye out for the video in the coming weeks.

From the bottom of our hearts in Hemina, thank you for staying along for the ride – See you at the next stop!”

Bird’s Robe Records’ Director Mike Solo released the following statement

“I’m very happy to announce that Bird’s Robe is going to be releasing the new Hemina album ‘Nebulae’ internationally.

You may already know Hemina’s vocalist Doug Skene from his formidable work with Anubis, but the whole band have been long-time supporters of Bird’s Robe; and consistent with my personal philosophy, it’s really nice to be working with such good people on an excellent album. There’s so much good music coming out of Australia, Hemina have the passion and enthusiasm to match their talent, which is fantastic.”

Nebulae is out August 19 through Bird’s Robe Records

‘Nebulae’ Album Sampler –

Publicity/Label: Mike Solo / / 0404 937 095
Band: Douglas Skene / / 0410 879 492

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December 22, 2013

Cover Art on the Way

So after a big set of ordeals, Tristan Tait ( is locked into to do our cover art which will be a beautiful 4 panel digipak. Adam Underwood helped us with our photos too and they’re looking sick.

Can’t wait to share Nebulae with you!

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September 8, 2013

Nebulae is Recorded!

Woohoo!!! The album is fully recorded. I am very excited to let you know that mixing should be finished in the next week too! To celebrate this news, we are proud to share a video that my friend Robert Medina (known best for his 3d work with Dream Theater) has helped us to put together the theatrical trailer for ‘Nebulae’. The song featured in this video is entitled ‘Before’ and it is the first track on our album.

This album is the result of our (Dougie, Mitch, Jess and Phill) hard work and us alone with all of us writing more stuff together than ever before and with full creative control in the production and writing of this, I am so proud of the work we have done and personally have enjoyed working with this caliber of musicianship so much.

I present to you ‘Nebulae’ and I promise you all more info as soon as we can. Please share this video with everyone you know who may enjoy this. We all will be.

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August 5, 2013


So Nebulae is really approaching completion now with only a few things left to do on some tracks and some fully tracked and close to a final mix.

The tracklisting is as follows:


Hopefully more details soon about release!

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March 5, 2013

So we’re balls deep into the recording process but we’re still looking for a drummer to lay down the fat grooves. For now, it’s Superior Drummer 2 holding down the fort but we have our eye on a few players (one of whom we’re really hoping may be interested)

The tracklisting for Nebulae EP is as follows with rough track times:

1. Freedom (3:05)
2. Lust (4:56)
3. Loss (4:30)
4. Hope (5:27)
5. Promise (3:55)
6. Strength (7:25)

I guess that’s an appromixate runtime of about 30 minutes so it’s a decently weight EP lengthwise and definitely song wise. The stuff on here ranges from Periphery/Circles type grooves, to a Steely Dan melodic palette with the catchiness of Dokken and Voyager at times. As per usual there are many lovely guitar harmonies played by Mitch and I (which is probably some of the stuff we are most proud of as songwriting partners). The bass definitely holds down the low end a lot more than before and the rhythm section is really that this time and in honesty there are less Chris Squire melodic excursions (even though Chris is one of my favourite bass players for that very reason) when compared with Synthetic.

Lead vocals are done on Freedom, Lust, Loss, Hope, Promise but still waiting for the first lyrical contribution from Mr Eltakchi on Strength.

All the guide backing vocals are done and there are some beautiful choral style vocals that seem to highlight our group singing. I actually can’t wait for people to hear this.

From our first experiment with gang vocals on ‘Otherworldly’ from the Haunting Me! single, we’ve incorporated it into a few songs on this EP and any fans wanting to have their voice on our recordings should contact us at for more details.

There are a lot of sequenced arpeggiators and filtered synth stuff on these tracks which is likely to be a big part of our sound in the future which I think adds such a cool amount of momentum to the tracks.

One of the other things people might note is that there are some real strong choruses this time in our music and this “pop sensibility”, which I know is a dreaded concept for a lot of progheads has really given our music Strength (pun intended heartilty, lol). These songs are all also built to be played live and we look forward to getting them all down so you can groove your collective asses off to this stuff.

Nebulae is on its way and it’s heavy and melodic as fo. Hoping to have all tracking (except drums) done by the end of March and hopefully you’ll see us back on the live scene later this year. We’re all aching to get on stage and share this magic with you!


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