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April 25, 2016

Inspirational Albums

I saw a post on Facebook by the awesome Icelandic band Agent Fresco, and with our new album Venus in the works, I was inspired to do my own..

Your top 5 inspirational albums! Feel free to contribute yours too in the comments if you like.

Here’s mine! – Nath

(In no particular order)

Cog – The New Normal:
There was nothing else like it around, not here, not anywhere. So much power, and beautifully composed songs with great hooks. Lucious Borich was one of my biggest inspirations.

Metallica – Load:
This was the first Metallica album I got into, and really what lead me to the dark side \m/. It’s still one of my favourite albums by them. I loved the blues vibes. Bleeding Me and The Outlaw Torn still kill me.

Oceansize – Frames:
I found these guys randomly whilst on a Wikipedia binge of New Prog. I’ll never forget listening to this on the road in New Zealand and hearing Trail of Fire. One of the best slow build songs ever. Not to mention the time signatures are off the chart. One of my favourite bands now, such a shame they broke up.

Tool – Aenima:
I got into this shortly after Metallica (1996 was a good year) and was the first music that made me love long songs. I was like a giddy schoolgirl at this tour when they opened with the 14 minute Third Eye. Not only was the music emotional and deep, it was sprawling and experimental and made me wish the songs would never end.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here:
Probably my favourite album of all time. The intro to Shine on You Crazy Diamond gets me every time. I love that Have a Cigar was sung by Roy Harper. Wish You Were Here sing-a-longs and the saxophone solo at the end of Shine On part 2. The experimentation of Welcome to the Machine. Just nothing else comes close.


Dougie – Thought I’d drop by and give my top 5 most inspirational albums too. I’m never one to say no to a list despite how excruciating it is when reducing to 5 as you feel like you’re not representing every facet of yourself. Anyway here goes:

Blink 182 – Enema of the State
Believe it or not but pop punk was what got me passionate about music and what made me pick up guitar. I adore this album still as it’s loaded with youthful energy, great hooks, killer performances and huge tones. Still so damn nostalgic back to 2001 when Jess and I were teaching ourselves guitar. A round of applause to Travis Barker for being the freshest drummer in pop punk too. heart emoticonAdam’s Song.

Metallica – The Black Album
My first personal experience with metal. I remember my first guitar teacher showing me ‘Enter Sandman’, it was like magic to me. It sounded so huge and James Hetfield’s voice was like the beaming tones of God. I actually think this album by metal fans is underrated and sits in the shadows of the archetypal ‘Master of Puppets’ or the electrifying ‘Ride the Lightning’. Listen to the songs and production – still untouched in many ways 25 years later.

Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt. 2
Oh my – I remember my best made Adam coming to school with a mix CD of this band I may like called Helloween as he knew I liked Maiden and I think this had a bit too much high singing for him. I was in heaven. The harmonies, the soaring tones, and the fast uplifting vibe – totally hooked. ‘Eagle Fly Free’ was my favourite song for a good year. This was also some of my first experiences with epic layering and song lengths – the closing eponymous 13+ minute beast was an inspiration on all fronts. I also desperately wanted to be able to sing like Kiske. Damn – guess that never happened. This was also the start of a ridiculous multi-year binge into power metal – the cheesier, the higher – the better. I heard it all and the genre has been close to destroyed for me now.

Dream Theater – Images and Words
Blending metal riffs, killer songs and so much virtuosity and variety. My welcome to the genre in which I write. Life changing and still a favourite after all these years. Every song is perfect, just a pity about that snare. When I first really started to appreciate keyboards and wish I cared more about my piano lessons in early high school.

HIM – Greatest Love Songs Ver. 666
The album that taught me that having a deep voice isn’t a bad thing and that it’s OK to wear your heart on your sleeve. Some of the most immersive moods and tender vocals I’ve heard. So inspirational yet so dark.

Wouldn’t say these albums would necessarily make a top 10 of my favourite albums but they’re definitely the ones that sent the biggest tidal waves into my musical makeup.



Hey it’s Jess here. Thought I’d share my inspirations with you all too smile emoticon


Blink 182 – Enema of the State: First punk album I listened to. Slowly moved from playing keyboards to playing guitar shortly after discovering Blink and figured that keyboards was just not cutting it for me. Opened up a whole new world musically. First song I discovered was Adam’s Song which I love to this day. Used to spend hours daily learning new Blink songs on guitar.

Millencolin – Pennybridge Pioneers: When I was 14, my best friend lent me her Pennybridge Pioneers CD as she knew I loved Blink and would love this. On first listen I thought this is the worst thing I’ve heard in my life. By the 3rd listen this CD would become my favourite and Millencolin, my favourite band for the next couple of years and drove me to find many other punk bands. I used to know how to play guitar for every track on this album and knew almost every word. Definitely takes me back to being 15. Loved the humour and emotion mixed from song to song.

Metallica – The Black Album: This album started my love of metal and Metallica songs allowed me to improve my guitar playing. Progressed from playing simple punk songs to more complex songs around the time of studying music during my HSC.

Pain of Salvation – Remedy lane: Opened my eyes to the progressive metal genre that was different to anything I had heard before and by this point I was moving on from Power/Heavy Metal genres and wanted something different. Love the emotion in the songs, light and heaviness. From here I discovered the whole Pain of Salvation catalogue and fell in love. To this day they are still one of my favourite bands and have been lucky enough to catch them live twice. One of those times – they actually played the whole album live gasp emoticon

Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here: Anathema pretty much created everything I’d ever wanted in music. Amazing lyrics, light, uplifting, happy fresh melodies with a great mix of female and male vocals. This album gave me a new stepping stone musically outside of the metal genre and I have loved the latest two releases just as much.


Evanescence – Fallen: Discovered this around the age of 16. Never before had I heard such amazing powerful female vocals with amazingly haunting lyrics. To this day Amy Lee is still one of my favourite singers and was something different to the softer female vocalists I had known growing up.

Taylor Swift – 1989 – Bought this on Doug’s recommendation earlier this year after he insisted I would grow to love it. Within a few listens I was in awe of the catchiness and freshness of Taylor’s vocals. Definitely a new favourite of mine.

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: Can’t even remember how I stumbled onto Katy Perry’s music but purchased Teenage Dream earlier this year as I loved a few tracks on this album I had heard. Definitely a new favourite album of mine and can’t really fault any of the songs. Definitely an inspiring album vocally.

Avril Lavigne – Let Go: First came across this album when I was a teenager and have loved Avril’s songs since. Recently re-discovered some of her newer songs that I love and re-bought this album. Bit of a hit and miss album overall but loved Losing Grip and I’m With You.

Paramore – Riot! Have loved Paramore since I first discovered them. Hayley is a huge influence of mine and this album has some of my favourite Paramore tracks; Misery Business and For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic.






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February 1, 2016

Hemina's Next Gig

Hemina’s Next Gig


We are very excited to announce our first show for 2016 is supporting the amazing James Norbert Ivanyi at The Factory Floor this March 18.

It will be our only show for some time as we focus on getting VENUS ready for you all, so don’t miss out.

We will also be previewing some new songs from the album, so to say we are psyched would be a tad of an understatement.

*insert Mitch YEAAAAHHHHHH oooh yeah*

Tickets are $14 and can be bought online if you follow the link below:…/james-norbert-ivanyi-i-b…


On other news – We have made so much progress on Venus with 8/12 songs tracked from drums  and similar amounts or more done for other instruments. We can’t wait for this to be finished!


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October 20, 2015

Hope Video is Here


Introducing the second single from sophomore album ‘Nebulae’; Hope.

Re-recorded, filmed and edited by ourselves, we had a heap of fun making this. The whole premise was just an excuse to be a bit silly and to show off the awesome city we live in… Sydney!

We hope you enjoy the song, rock out and suspend your disbelief enough to believe that Mitch could step through a portal from Luna Park to the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Video Directed by Nathan McMahon
Video Editing by Nathan McMahon
Starring Hemina and Al Ien

Music Produced by Douglas Skene at Ploughman Studios, Australia.
Drums Recorded by Nathan McMahon.
Music Mixed by Douglas Skene at Ploughman Studios, Australia.
Music Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden.

Music Performed by Hemina

Coming soon to iTunes.

Buy this track at:


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September 24, 2015

Venus Recording and Hope Video

We’re making great progress with vocals, guitars, bass getting recorded progressively. It’s interesting that every recording we’ve done has gone into it with different members but that’s how it stays interesting I guess.

Can’t wait to share some stuff with you. We’ve also been filming a lot lately so stay tuned for Venus recording snippits.

We’ve spent a lot of the last month recording a video for ‘Hope’ as well which has been rerecorded with Nathan on drums.

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May 29, 2015

Pumping it at Valve Bar

It was nice to play our first proper show with Nathan not doing a support. Very fun and quite different to playing at the Tivoli! We made best use of the small stage and it was a really raw one for us especially vocally but we were just reveling in the vibe and loving playing together.  It was also our first ever show as a 4 piece and whilst it was different, it felt bloody right. We’ll still be looking for a keyboardist but not until we find the perfect fit with a great voice too!


Cheers to Divine Ascension, Fenrir and Lycanthia. The guys in DA especially are the nicest you could come across. To many shows together, dudes!

Thanks also to Greg at the Valve for putting it on and showing us a good time.





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May 29, 2015

Phill Eltakchi Leaves Hemina

It is with sadness that we announce the departure of our keyboardist Phill Eltakchi from Hemina. We have shared some amazing experiences over the past 6 years playing in Hemina with Phill and wish him every success in his future musical endeavours.

Hemina is looking for a new keyboardist. We’ll post more in the coming days.

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May 29, 2015

Nathan’s MahonPower – Coheed and Cambria Drum Cover

Check out Nathan owning up this drum cover of Coheed!



We’re super stoked to play with this dude! Power and finesse in buckets!

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March 24, 2015

Uriah Heep – Our First Gig in Ages

So we got to play with the mighty Uriah Heep last Thursday and it was fun as hell. It was also the first gig with our new drummer Nathan McMahon and he killed it.


Uriah Heep Band Shot

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November 15, 2014

iTunes, JB, Everywhere

Hey guys,

We’ve welcomed the sexy beast, Nathan McMahon into our fold and we’ve also seen our album released on iTunes, JB Hifi and Spotify etc.!


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August 19, 2014

Nebulae out TODAY!

It was with pure joy that we bring to you our new baby, ‘Nebulae’.


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