We’re Coming to Europe!!

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Things are hitting me directly in the feelz right now. In a whirlwind of events that seemed to just happen out of nowhere – Hemina will be playing at Progpower Europe in the Netherlands this October alongside Voyager, Tesseract and a bunch of other bands.

After such a gruelling amount of work putting together ‘Venus’ this is just the ultimate reward and a literal bucket list item for me personally.

After Jess and I went to Progpower in 2014 just after we got married and witnessed Pain of Salvation playing their masterpiece ‘Remedy Lane’ and see our mates Voyager decimate the place, the festival, the quaint village of Baarlo, and the people who attend it have become nothing short of a spiritual beacon.

To be travelling to Europe with the band as tightly knit as ever and to be taking Mr Mitch Coull on his first overseas trip, this is an *insert superlative word here because I can’t English at the moment* experience for us all and an embodiment of sheer joy.

We’re coming people and there will be more shows in the great continent of Europe too but for now, join us for a brief moment to marinate in the Heminal juices.

To all our friends we met there in 2014 and all the new lovely people that say hello to us on here every day – we cannot wait to see you!

Heminal love,
Dougie, Mitch, Jess and Nath